How To Hide A Nose Piercing: Tips And Tricks


What if that nose piercing you have cherished all these years becomes a problem at school or your new job? What do you do? How do you hide a nose piercing? Don’t panic because concealing it may not be as complex as you think. It only requires the right tools and knowledge to do so. Whether you have the classic nostril piercing or the more edgy septum piercing, we have all the solutions you are looking for at your fingertips! Check out this article to understand the different ways to conceal your favorite piercing and some easy alternatives to nose piercings right here! Scroll down to know more!

How To Hide A Nose Piercing

There are a variety of things one can do to temporarily conceal a nose piercing. But how you do it also depends on the type of nose piercing or the placement of jewelry. Here are some clever ways to go about hiding your nose piercing:

1. Piercing Retainer

This is the easiest and most convenient way to cover up different types of nose piercings. A nose retainer is a flesh-colored or transparent stud that fits into the nose piercing to keep it out of sight. They are made of high-tech plastics such as bioplast, are extremely comfortable to wear, and may appear more like a mole or pimple on the nose.

You can purchase these piercing retainers from online body jewelry shops or even create your own by covering the retainer with skin-tone nail polish. Here is how you can put the retainer in the piercing:

  • Wash your hands with fragrance-free soap and water.
  • Sterilize the nose-piercing retainer and the pierced area with saline solution.
  • Dampen the piercing with a bit of water, insert the ball side of the retainer into the nose, and push it up a bit.
protip_icon Pro Tip

One should at least wait 6-8 months before inserting a piercing retainer to give the nose piercing ample time to heal.

A blogger shared her experience of hiding her nose piercing in her blog post. She writes, “If you have conservative parents (like I do) or you live/work/study in a conservative community, you can hide it by putting in a retainer which totally hides it well. BUT,you’ll have to wait until your piercing heals (i).”

2. Makeup

You can use a waterproof makeup foundation or concealer similar to your skin tone to cover up the nose stud. Make sure to follow it up with a powder to help the makeup last longer. If done properly, it can look like a concealed pimple. However, it may not last that long. Plus, the makeup can clog a piercing, especially a fresh one, increasing the risk of infection.

protip_icon Pro Tip

Use a mineral-based foundation rather than a liquid foundation as the latter can get stuck to the silicone in the nose jewelry and ruin the entire effect.

3. Bandages

If you are looking for ways to hide freshly pierced nose jewelry, then a skin-colored blister bandage might just do the trick. Here is how you can use one:

  • Clean your piercing to remove crust, dirt, and build-up to avoid trapping them underneath a bandage.
  • Use scissors to cut a tiny strip of bandage and place it over the nose ring properly.
  • Use a liquid bandage to apply 2-3 coats of it on the blister bandage and let it dry.
  • Cover the piercing with some foundation to complete the process. Make sure you do full-face makeup to make it look seamless.

4. A Fake Nose Ring

Getting any form of facial piercing requires care and commitment. So, if you are afraid to get one, you can experiment with fake nose rings to see how you like them before you decide to get a nose piercing. You can use magnetic studs or fake nose hoop rings to get the desired look without actually undergoing the needle-puncturing procedure. You can even opt for clear nose rings for a subtle look. Apply some petroleum jelly to the nose ring, insert it in the intended location, and wipe off the extra jelly using a paper towel. What makes this option more appealing is that you don’t have to worry about scarring your skin.

5. Flip Your Septum Jewelry Up

This method is quick and simple, making it perfect for those with septum rings. All you need to do is gently take the horse-shoe style septum ring, flip it, and swirl it towards the inside of the nose. Keep doing it until the ball rings located at the edges are completely hidden inside your nostrils. Remember, this can only be done if your piercing is healed as twisting a fresh one can delay the recovery process.

6. Wear Something Tiny

If you are not sure about how public you want your nasal piercing to be, you can go for a dainty tiny nose gem for an effortless everyday look. You can also opt for nose rings with small balls for a subtly unique look.

The methods listed above can conceal your nose piercing in a jiffy. However, keep in mind that different nose piercings require different levels of concealment. Check out the next section to know more.

Types Of Nose Piercings That Can Be Hidden

Before you think about hiding your piercing, the first thing you need to consider is “Can you hide your nose piercings in the first place?” The answer to this question is not that simple. Some piercings are more difficult to conceal due to their size and location. To get a better understanding, check out the different nose piercing styles you can hide:

  • Septum piercings are easiest to hide because all you have to do is flip the jewelry a bit inward and you are done.
  • Nostril piercings lie on the crease of the nose, making them easier to hide as compared to high nostril piercings as they are placed on the border of the nostril and the bridge.
  • Vertical or rhino piercings are bold and noticeable as they are located on the tip of the nose and are very hard to hide.
  • Bridge piercing involves placing the jewelry horizontally on the bridge of the nose, which makes it difficult to hide.
  • Nasallang piercings are one of the most challenging nose piercings to conceal as they involve passing a straight barbell through both the nostrils and septum simultaneously.

Not all nose piercings can be concealed no matter how many methods you entail. But if you still want to sport some funky nose jewelry, scroll down below for some easy and quick alternatives to nose piercings.

Alternatives To Nose Piercings

If you still want to show off some beautiful nose jewelry without committing to the piercing process, here are some simple alternatives you can opt for:

These pretty much work like regular septum rings, except the former does not entail any sort of piercing and is connected to the septum with a magnet. These come in varied designs and sizes, making them one of the most popular types of fake nose rings out there.

They are considered one of the most comfortable types of fake nose jewelry as they do not have any holes and work similarly to the latch mechanism present in earrings. Plus, what differentiates them from magnetic septum rings is that they come in one piece.

These cool pieces work along the same lines as clip-on earrings and stay well in place. One look at it and you might feel like they look like distorted pieces of metal with an extensive design.

They come in two types: magnetic and stick-on. Magnetic studs operate in the same way as magnetic septum rings, with the stud visible on top and the magnet inside the nostril. On the other hand, the stick-on fake nose studs come with adhesive glue and are easy to use, making them convenient for daily wear.

Sporting that cherished nose ring wherever you go is a matter of pride and confidence. However, certain places, such as your school and work, may call for discretion and strict adherence to the dress code. While you can always go for magnetic rings or clip-on hoops to embrace your unique style without any consequences, you don’t need to give up on your permanent piercing in such cases. Follow the simple techniques discussed in the article to make your piercing disappear without a trace and without having to close it. However, ensure that you try these methods only when your piercing has healed completely. Otherwise, you may run a risk of irritating the piercing site, infection, and other complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there certain clothing accessories or styles that can help distract from a nose piercing?

Yes, one can opt for color-blocking outfits along with bold lipstick, sunglasses, statement earrings, or hats to draw attention away from the nose piercing and make it look less obvious.

Are there any challenges or risks associated with regularly hiding a nose piercing?

Applying makeup or keeping the nasal pierced area wrapped regularly can lead to clogged pores, reduced airflow, and increased risk of infection, especially in the case of fresh piercings.

Is it safe to wear a magnetic or non-piercing fake nose ring to temporarily hide the piercing?

Magnetic or non-piercing fake nose rings are generally considered safe for short-term use. However, it is recommended to wear nose jewelry made of high-quality, hypoallergenic material such as titanium or stainless steel to keep the piercing area looking fresh and prevent any potential irritation.

Key Takeaways

  • A piercing retainer, makeup, and blister bandages are some quick and easy ways to hide a nose piercing.
  • Septum piercings are the easiest to conceal while the nasallang piercings are the most challenging ones due to their location.
  • One can opt for nose piercing alternatives such as magnetic septum rings, septum clickers, or faux clip-ons or hoops.

If you are looking for a bunch of ways to conceal your cherished nose piercing at home or work, then we have got you covered. Check out this video to learn some easy tips and tricks to do so.

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